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Unless otherwise stated in a written agreement between you and Addgene, you must comply with the Addgene Links Directive as follows: (1) Appearance, position and other aspects of the link may not be likely to damage or dilute the good-in related to an Addgens name or trademark, (2) The appearance, position and other attributes of the link should not create the erroneous appearance that your organization or organization is sponsored or supported by Addgene, connected or linked to Addgene (3) if the link is selected by a user, the link must display our website on a full screen without a screen without any addition or modification, and not in a frame on the linked website , and (4) Addgene reserves the right, to revoke at any time its consent to the link. , at his sole discretion and without notice. The deposit and distribution agreement is sent to the person/Office that authorizes the deposit agreements or to the main filing intermediary (PI) to obtain authorization from the authorized person or entity. Depending on your institution`s requirements for processing deposit contracts, Addgen`s deposit and distribution agreements can be approved by either a PDF signature, an electronic signature, or an electronic authorization via your institution`s Addgene Technology Transfer account. This option is only possible if your institution signs a master reception contract with Addgene. Instead of the scientist processing each MTA, this option allows all agreements for an institution to be sent directly to the office authorized to approve them. Applicable law. Unless you are the U.S. government or its representative, the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts apply without reference to the rules of choice of these terms of use and to all agreements that you and/or your institution execute on our website. For the U.S. government or its representative, these terms of use must be interpreted in accordance with federal law, as applied by the federal courts of the District of Columbia. Our sites are operated from Addgene from its offices in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA. Addgene does not guarantee that the content of our websites is appropriate or available for use elsewhere, and access to our websites from sites/areas where content may be illegal is prohibited.

Those who access our sites from other sites do so on their own and are responsible for complying with local laws. These terms of use represent the full agreement between Addgene and you regarding our website. Founded in 2004, Addgene is a global non-profit organization that facilitates scientific sharing through the operation of a plasmid repository. Addgene not only manages the replacement of physical materials, but also ensures that the corresponding equipment transfer agreements (MMA) are signed for each transfer. Since its inception, Addgene has supplied nearly 250,000 plasmids in more than 70 countries. This success is based on our electronic hardware transfer system (eMTA) that drastically streamlines and shortens the approval and trading cycles typical of the MTA. Does your institution`s technology transfer office require researchers to complete an internal form or questionnaire before processing filing agreements or MTAs? 4.