Hsa Union Collective Agreement

The employer maintains a seniority list with the date on which each worker`s period of service last began, including all seniority periods until Saturday, including Saturday, when December 31 falls each year, as calculated in section 10.01. An updated seniority list is published until February 1 of each year in places accessible to all workers, with copies to the union. The seniority list is open for correction for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of the detachment. Requests for corrections are limited to the age limit for the last 12 months. (a) The employer provides the union with copies of current organization charts. In exceptional cases where a worker has special needs and is not entitled to other paid leave, the specific leave or period of activity arrangements agreed by co-workers and the employer that are not inconsistent with the requirements of the Saskatchewan Employment Act are defined in this collective agreement. When a worker is able to return to work at any type of graduated return to the work program, the employer, union representative and worker meet before the worker returns to work to determine the details of the worker`s return to work. (f) Where the worker regularly works full-time hours other than 1948.8 hours per year under this agreement, the number of hours for which they are entitled to sick leave, leave and family responsibility leave is adjusted for average daily working time. Requests to change the designation of one or more positions (s) may be made by the employer, employee or union.

The same factors are involved in considering such an application. (d) Where the deviation from the reserved and confirmed schedule cards is the result of changes made by the worker or if there is a mutual agreement with the employee (s) (s), these changes are not subject to overtime provisions, unless the overtime has been paid independently of the amendment. The employer will inform the union from time to time in writing of the officers who are intended to resolve the complaints. In the event that the employer considers assigning conventional work, discussions between the union and management will take place in the first instance. Notwithstanding other provisions of this agreement and in accordance with the Ambulance Services Act, standard working hours for full-time workers consist of positions provided for a forty-two (42) hours of work, which is spread over sixteen (16) weeks and two thousand, one hundred and forty-four (2184) hours per year.