Vicpd Collective Agreement

If you have an interest in applying for vacancies for a full-time/auxiliary jailer position in the Victoria Police Department, prison qualifications include bachelor`s degree, basic computer skills, uniform, 12-hour shift work, ability to provide security screening, polygraph examination, integrity assessment and confidentiality agreement. Please note that moral integrity and clean lifestyle are assessed during the hiring process. Qualifications To be a candidate as a prison guard, you must meet the following requirements: Local 50 is a strong and democratic union that works to improve the quality of life of Victoria workers by providing a strong voice – a collective voice – in their workplace. Application process Training for Reserves Successful candidates must complete the basic training of reserve officers mandated by the Ministry of the Attorney General. The training lasts about 4 months with classes that take place 1-2 evenings a week and 1 weekend. Candidates study legal issues, crime prevention, transportation, professionalism and ethics, communication tactics and self-defense training. Practical and written tests are held for self-defence and communication, and two provincial written tests are given to classroom instruction. The province`s written tests are conducted by the BC Judicial Institute. Training also has a strong component for physical/team training. There is a minimum score of 70% for all exams.

For more information, please contact the coordinator, the voluntary service (250) 995-7202 qualifications What qualifications do I need to apply? The last interview with successful candidates in previous phases is with the Human Resources Inspector. Accommodation in JIBC Blocks 1 and 3 is provided by VicPD and you will receive a plan bonus to cover meals. Due to current public health restrictions, the volunteer program is currently suspended. . Below is a list of the costs you can expect during the recruitment process. The Victoria Police Service does not offer refunds for any of the fees and you may be withdrawn at any time during the application process. POPAT is a demanding anaerobic physical test that must be performed in less than 4 minutes and 15 seconds. POPAT results are valid for 12 months. Applicants do not need an invitation from the recruitment department to pass this test.

APPLICATIONS FILED WITHOUT A POPAT CERTIFICATE ARE REJECTED. . The Victoria Police Department is an equal opportunity employer, which values diversity in the CUPE workplace 50 members of the Gorge Vale Golf Club are required to provide the best golf facilities.