What Is A Call Coverage Agreement

Wakaba Tessier, JD, a lawyer for Husch Blackwell in Kansas City, says many of the young doctors she works with are often expected to take an excessive share of calls. The hospital`s management teams consider factors other than the legal issues described above. Ultimately, compensation for call hedging should be a fair market value, but fair value valuation is easier said than done. While executives review market data available through valuation companies, hospital managers may find it difficult to determine fair market value due to a wide range of factors in their hospital`s market. The following list lists some of the factors considered in determining the rate of call coverage for a particular specialty in a given hospital. THE KONTAKTSTATED that the surgeon would join the office of two doctors at the same time as another doctor, so the total number of doctors out of four. All four would share the call and work one night one night out of four. But the situation quickly broke when this 4th doctor did not team up and another was fired for performance problems. Childcare immediately doubled from 1 in 4 nights to one in two. Rules allowed. Federal law does not require compensation for appeal coverage and does not prohibit payment for appeals until compensation is offered to improperly induce transfers for transactions with federal health programs. The OIG recognizes that the payment of calls may be necessary to obtain services that might otherwise not be available, for example.

B due to the lack of specialized services in an area or the reluctance of local doctors to make calls due to practical requirements, time obligations or the likelihood of free supply. The key is to ensure that any appeals (1) paid is a fair market value for actual and necessary services, (2) does not take into account the volume or value of transfers or other transactions generated between the parties and (3) was not intended to maintain or generate future doctor transfers for non-patients.