Which Of The Following Statements Is Not True Concerning Rent-To-Own Agreements

Court deception is a misdemeanor. You should specify that your case is affected by COVID-19 only if you are affected by the pandemic in a way relevant to your owner`s property, mainly if it has affected your ability to pay. one. The owner of real estate located in a location where a military air facility is located or anyone authorized to enter into a lease agreement on his behalf must communicate in writing to a potential tenant that the property is located in a noise zone or accident-free zone or both, as indicated by the locality on its official land use card. This disclosure is made before the execution of a tenancy agreement written by the tenant or, in the case of an oral tenancy agreement, before the tenant has occupied. The indication must indicate the noise zone or accident risk zone in which the property is located, in accordance with the official land use map of the site. Any disclosure provided in accordance with this section, containing inaccurate information about the location of the noise zone or the risk of an accident, is considered undisclosed, unless the inaccurate information is provided by an official or staff member of the location of the property. B. In the event of a sale of the premises, the lessor must inform the tenant of this sale and provide the tenant with the buyer`s name and address as well as a telephone number to which that buyer may be. The requirement for your landlord to send a “reactivation notification” and provide information on how you and your loved ones are affected by the coronavirus pandemic applies during the duration of national restrictions in effect until December 2 and at all local levels when national restrictions are lifted.

C. If the tenant commits an offence that is not remediable, the lessor may notify the tenant of a written notification of the acts and omissions that constitute the offence and the indication that the lease expires on a date of at least 30 days after receiving the notification.